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Newbie Question: Performance options

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Hey ladies and gents,
I'm Barry Johnson, aka BJ and new to the MB ownership. I picked up a black on black '92 500SEL a few weeks ago, and since I'm a power hungry fiend, this car needs a little help. Definately love the car though! So, I'm sure you all have seen this innumerable times, but what performance parts/options are available for this car? I have no problem making them myself if not available (I have the only true dual exhaust for the Toyota Tundra, and it definately makes power!). I can't seem to find any real exhaust, computer, intake, or really anything but a shift mod for this car. Funny thing about that shift mod. The w140 uses the same transmission the Porsche 928 does (ZF 4 speed auto) and both have the 2nd gear start annoyance. In my 928 I installed a parallel kickdown switch, and that helped out a little, but still no first gear starts. I do have a spring kit for the valve body that will fix it though, not installed yet. But anyway, whats available, and Hello to you all! :)
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Welcome, check into the Performance forum. You would find a lot of options there. Good l...

Welcome, check into the Performance forum on You would find a lot of options there. Good luck and enjoy your new ride.
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