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Hello everyone :)

My name's Manu, I've just bought a 2003 E55 amg. The car has 27k kms on it and is mint.

I've bought it from a used car dealer who had the car for sale for close to 2 years, the car was a consignment sale and the previous owner was demanding too much.

There was an error message about emissions check being performed. I set the date for service and emissions using the FSS but I also confirmed a service. I realise now that this might have been a mistake.

The owner's manual tells me that since I confirmed the service while none was carried out, the FSS will now calculate the next service interval incorrectly and that this WILL lead to engine damage...not "might"..."will"

Is this true ? It sounds like they're trying to get the car serviced at the dealer. I don't have a problem with that, I got free servicing until 2013 from MB, but I don't want to risk any engine damage. This is the greatest engine I've owned...

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, please flame away. I searched but did not find this addressed specifically.

Thanks in advance for any help :bowdown:
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