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Newbie needs assistance!!!!

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I just purchased 2003 e320 without nav unit, I would love to have one in my car. I have seen them new and slightly used on ebay. Do these item just plug and play? Is my car wired for a navigation unit s I currently do nt have a nav unit. I saw one model that plays dvds, is this true? Any advice and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Not plug and play, you need at least a GPS antenna, not to mention a different wooden face plate for your dash. I do not know about the wiring, but the chances are that you need to modify/replace the wiring harness.

The newer cars have a DVD NAV unit, and I think the earliest of which is 2005. If you are going to install one, according to what I have read, the DVD unit is preferable to the CD one.

I have bought MB accessories on eBay and in general, the sellers there usually advise which units are compatible with what model(s). Before you buy anything, be sure it is something you will be able to use. If still in doubt, just give a dealer a call to ask about part numbers and/or compatibilty.
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