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Newbie looking for buying advice

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Hello all - I'm considering the purchase of a 2006 CPO CLS500.

Burgundy with tan leather.
No nav.
No keyless.
No xenon.
35,000 miles. 1 owner.
Dealer asking $35,900 firm.

I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on this one because I've never owned a MB. Can you guys share a little about your experience when you first bought your CLS?

Here are a few of my concerns:

How does it handle in light snow?

Are there any known mechanical or electrical defects? Items that tend to break often?

Driving normally (not aggressive), how many miles can I expect on a set of brake pads?

Does the MB CPO program have a tendency to deny claims for service?

Thanks - please add anything that would help me with the decision.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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