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Newbie looking for buying advice

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Hello all - I'm considering the purchase of a 2006 CPO CLS500.

Burgundy with tan leather.
No nav.
No keyless.
No xenon.
35,000 miles. 1 owner.
Dealer asking $35,900 firm.

I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on this one because I've never owned a MB. Can you guys share a little about your experience when you first bought your CLS?

Here are a few of my concerns:

How does it handle in light snow?

Are there any known mechanical or electrical defects? Items that tend to break often?

Driving normally (not aggressive), how many miles can I expect on a set of brake pads?

Does the MB CPO program have a tendency to deny claims for service?

Thanks - please add anything that would help me with the decision.

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here's a post I wrote a couple months back,

things to check for.

as far as pulling the trigger, you may want to finagle the price or browse other dealers, $35,9 is a bit high, without any cool options.

as for your concerns,
1. not the greatest winter car, light snow is doable, but make sure you get some winter tires or good all season tires, the popular pirelli pzero that they come with are summer tires and don't have the greatest traction.
2. as far as mechanical/electical defects, i haven't found anything that wasn't repaired/replaced by the warranty, eg. seat control buttons, chrome peeling on cup holders, exterior door handles inoperable, all were replaced by the dealer via the warranty, just make sure it's all working. there is an updated for the COMAND headunit and AGW, just have the dealer do a vehicle master inquiry (VMI) and check for any outstanding DTBs (Dealer Technical Bulletins) before delivery.
3. brakes will always vary based off driving conditions and the type of pads on their currently, so i can't really make a comment.
4. MB CPO's are usually only 1 year on top of the new vehicle warranty, double check when the new vehicle warranty expires MY06's were sold in '05 meaning the new vehicle warranty has already expired for some. You may want to purchase an extended warranty, it just won't have the same coverage. ask your SA to explain the differences between New vs CPO vs Extended, that'll give you a breakdown of what will be covered and what won't.

I hope this helps, good luck with the shopping!
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