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Im a Canadian from toronto and im looking to purchase my first benz, looking into the 2000-2002 clk320's..

I want to spend around 20kcdn with tax's but if I must I can spend a little more if needbe.

There is not much choises around here and was thinking mabye importing one from USA, is this a good idea? are prices better in the states? cars from the south with no rust, etc and the strong cdn dollar may save me a bit... but im unsure about warrenty transfer if i buy one from usa.

Im told the only way to buy one is with warrenty from mb or certified and with all service records from Mb themselves.. along with a mb pre purchase inspection.. how much does that cost?

Idealy i would want somthing with less then 100km..

- do any >02 models come with navigation?

- what can i expect to pay yearly for maintaince? Aprox..

- Do any of you cunuks drive your 320s in winter? im guessing i will have to buy a winter "beater"

- How well does the clk320 hold its value? once the kms get a little high i dont want to pour money into fixing expencive problems and would like to sell it before that happends

Thats it for now... if anyone can help with answers or tips that would be great.


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Yes, the COMAND system was available in 2002. It includes navigation and CD but deletes the cassette. On the upside, a 2002 with COMAND will have an input jack in the glovebox. This works great for MP3 players. If you find a car that has everything except COMAND, there are shops that will sell you a European COMAND (which some people find more desireable).

I don’t know what service costs in Canada. In southern California, I’m told an “A” service costs just under $300 and a “B” just over $400 at the dealer. I do my own, so I can’t verify those prices. The services alternate at approximately 10,000 mile intervals.

Purchasing a Starmark vehicle is getting to be difficult due to the car’s age. Mine falls out of warrantee next year. I’ve found that the motor mounts had to be replaced and the rear diff needed to be resealed on my car. One of the buttons on the HVAC went bad on mine as well. Those were all covered under the Starmark warrantee. Other than those items, the car runs fine and everything works. I’d recommend a VMI (vehicle master inquiry), which any Mercedes-Benz dealer can supply. The seller can usually get this for free. Some people claim a VMI only includes the dates and mileage of the warrantee work and free maintenance (the W208’s had maintenance included through 50,000 miles), but the last time I was at my local dealer it included everything. A PPI will cost an hour or two at your dealer’s standard labor rate. If you buy one at a Mercedes-Benz dealer you may want to tell them to perform the check on their nickel.

This is a link to the specs, standard equipment, available options, and prices for the 2002 model year.

As with any car, how the previous owner(s) took care of the vehicle has a direct bearing on how the car will treat you. Hopefully you find a good one and welcome to the forum.
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