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Newbie here need to find out about good stereo

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I just bought a 98 Ml320 nice carbon fiber interior.
lookin for a nice stereo system to put in it. please reply if you know any good companys that make cd recievers for my Ml320


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I'm just beating a dead horse here ...

power could be fine, but God knows what else M-B did, so?

and if you really want a new system, you upgrade everything

alot of stock speakers go out with aftermarket HU's; stock speakers sound alot better with stock HU's - true in every car; aftermarket HU's allow alot more options for tuning your speakers, aftermarket speakers have alot higher power handling, and always sound better

and then, go into any car audio forum and ask them what you should start with when starting a new system, and you'll be surprised at the answer (I already gave it away though, it starts with a good HU)

then there is another saying - if you don't bother going all the way, why bother going at all - if you are willing to upgrade your speakers, it is obvious you want better sound, and to get better sound you will have to upgrade everything

so now, if you just want better sound over stock, you get a new head unit, you get all new speakers (possibly component set up front, speakers in the rear), and amp for the speakers - and that will be easy to do with $800

if you want to add a sub and amp on it, you can do that easy with $800 as well

but if you want to do both at the same time, you won't be able to, it will be all lowend stuff

you can also go here, this company has been around for about 3 years now, they do a good job at making subs, amps and speakers, they have alot of package deals on their systems which are fairly cheap

first 5 options are right under $800 and upgrade everything except the HU

PLEASE don't get the lowend stuff like pioneer speakers and the like ... its just a waste of a good chunk of money

and big, you are right, its not cheap, but $800 is alot of money if you know how to use it
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I dunno about the company that Roman is speaking of. Dosnt mean they make good stuff, they might make great stuff, just never heard of them. Lets get real here..

Your headunit, if you want a good one. Go with Alpine. So lets say you bought a Alpine CDA-9851 thats already 279.99. Right.

Now some speakers, Question is are you going to use the built in amp in the alpine or buy a different one? Lets say you are going to be a seperate amp. So the speakers are Infinity Kappa 60.5cs which sell for 239.99. I did Infinity for sake of him knowing the brand. Infinity makes good stuff, and low end stuff. The Kappa series is pretty good.

Now speakers for the rear. I wouldnt personally go with regular 5 1/4 speakers for the rear, Infinity Kappa 52.5i they run 119.99.

Now you want to power these speakers, not use the Bose amp(if you have that)to power them, or the Alpine to power them. So you need a seperate amp, Alpine MRV-F340
to be simple im just pulling all this stuff off of froogle/cruntchfiled. just to be simple. The Amp would cost you, 399.99.

Now you need something to wire that amp. You can get a good amp kit on ebay for like 35.00 +shippin.

I am not going to include another amp/sub, I think you get the point. It is going to be expensive to get a good system in there. And if you dont know how to install it, its going to be even more for labor to get it installed. I am not saying you have to get all that. You just say pimpin system, i think of some crazy good system that has everything.

I personally have the Alpine 9813, that i bought about a year ago, and i have a PG amp, and JL w3v2. I spent about 900-1000 on just that, but i bought all that about 1-2 years ago. But i feel that my Bose door speakers are fine, and i didnt feel like i needed to update them. This summer i am planning on doing it, but that is whem im going to have the money, Save up so you can be happy with what you get. That is my advice.

Good luck.
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