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Newbie here need to find out about good stereo

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I just bought a 98 Ml320 nice carbon fiber interior.
lookin for a nice stereo system to put in it. please reply if you know any good companys that make cd recievers for my Ml320


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MB has used closed hifi systems, including inline sub amps at the rear doors and 2 ohm speakers in the front, for a long time. Makes them very expensive to upgrade. They also changed systems during the model run.

My '94 and '92 E's had the same head unit and completly different speaker systems. But you could at least change the head unit without starting over. Bose only makes it worse. My ML320 is and will always have to be the stock bose system. No way I could justify what it would cost to replace it after what it cost new.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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