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Newbie here need to find out about good stereo

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I just bought a 98 Ml320 nice carbon fiber interior.
lookin for a nice stereo system to put in it. please reply if you know any good companys that make cd recievers for my Ml320


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kenwood has good cd/m3 player head unit that i installed a week ago and i love it
trust me its good


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my modificatios for audio

my my is a 99 european version
for my head unit also known as radio or reciever i changed my Mercedes Bose Headunit to a Kenwood MP3/CD PLAYING HEADUNIT part name or number is KDC-9023R and its really good i love it when you turn off your ml it hides or retracts something like this it costs me $375 with labour fixing cost

for the front speakers i got JBL GTO 606CE component sound system sized 6 1/2 which fits perfectly ans really sounds good it costs $165 so what did i do to the tweeters i installed them in the sail panel[:D]whic is great and im happy now becuase my ml sounds fantastic when you crank it up

and now for the rear speakers since i installed JBL606CE component speakers which i liked so i said why dont i change my rear speakers to JBL COMPONENT again so i got a component jbl506ce and it costs $145
i installed it and its sounds
[:D]terrific soo i have to amps for the front speakers installed a Audiobahn A4004T
Multi-Channel Amp and for the rear speakers i connected them to a 250watt sony xplod amp
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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