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During a recent visit with my father-in-law, he told my son, who is 15, that he could have my deceased mother-in-law's car. We thought he was kidding, but a little later in the day he hands my son the keys and my wife the title!

So, we are now the caregivers for a 1985 Mercedes 300D turbo diesel. It's funny, my M-I-L always used to comment about certain things as being like getting a "free" horse. It may be free, but the feed and care are expensive as heck! Now, we have her horse . . . er . . . car.

It hadn't been driven in 6-7 years, but with a new battery and a little TLC, it fired right up. My wife thought I was crazy, but I drove it home this weekend. 600 miles!! I just poured a can of fuel treatment in the tank and another when I refueled. By the time I got home, it was running like a clock. Not bad for a motor with 200K on it.

Everything works including the AC, and with the exception of the exterior paint, it is SUPER clean. Interior is a 9/10 and although the paint looks awful, there are no dents, dings or rust on the car.

I am eager to learn as much as I can about the car. I am new to Mercedes but certainly not new to the power of online forums, and the ability to gain knowledge and help. I am a Harley Davidson owner and enthusiast. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about them using OL forums.

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