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Newbee 1987 190E 2.6

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I just got a perfect 190 e 2.6 and have some questions. Also have a 330cd for many years<br> <br> Is this a 3 speed auto? The tranny shifts terrible. Flares between gears, but shifts fine if you shift it manually. Are these vacuum shift operated just like the 300D's> Any ideas. I will start with a full tranny service and a new modulator. Any suggestions would be appreciate.<br> <br> Tach doesn't work<br> <br> Overheats sometimes and other times does not overheat. Really strange. The thermo u is out and doesn't change the overheating. The electric fans come on too. Probably a clogged rad. Can the be rodded.<br> <br> <br> <br>
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Gotta say ... doesn't sound very perfect. How do know it's overheating? Is your gauge in the red or is your car on fire? It's an auto - what do you mean shifting manually? What do you consider a full trany service?
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