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now 2003 CL600. And wishing I kept all the ones I sold.
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Well after 2 years of keeping an eye on you AMG guys I finally took the plunge and bought a new set of wheels yesterday. I bought a silver/charcoal 2004 CL55 w/34k and with an extended 3 year CPO warranty. Now I have coverage till Nov 2010!

The extended warranty issue came up when I was driving my 2000 s500 across Alligator Alley a couple of months ago and my front suspension failed. I limped in the car to a Miami dealer and they fixed it for $3,500! I realized then that I didn't want to own a complex car without factory insurance. The following month a fan motor failed and that cost $750. Paying for the CPO insurance is a no-brainer.

What a great sound from the 55. It sounds like the gates of hell are opening up when I step on it. The oil industry is pleased I bought this car. I'm sure I will get a welcome letter from Shell and Mobil. They need the business.

See you on the road.
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