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New wheels + wrong lugs/studs = no fun

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I picked up some 06 16" e350 takeoffs on craigslist. I dropped off the wheels to be swapped out at my local tires plus. I returned to find the same wheels on my car. They said the lugnuts wouldn't tighten to hold the wheel on. I went out and looked and sure enough the lug was tight but the wheel had a wobble.

What lugs do I need to order? My car has the stock 15" and these replacements are 16"'s with the proper et (can't remember exactly but I made sure before I bought them).

My car is a 91 300e.


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The dealer wont help you. You will need to buy aftermarket special bolts from Rad bolts in a 12mm shank ( so they will fit into your existing drums) and 14mm ball seat so they will fit your new rims with the larger holes. Bolts are about $2.50 each.

I have 2005 E500 sport rims on my 1990 300CE with these bolts and they fit fine
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