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New wheels + wrong lugs/studs = no fun

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I picked up some 06 16" e350 takeoffs on craigslist. I dropped off the wheels to be swapped out at my local tires plus. I returned to find the same wheels on my car. They said the lugnuts wouldn't tighten to hold the wheel on. I went out and looked and sure enough the lug was tight but the wheel had a wobble.

What lugs do I need to order? My car has the stock 15" and these replacements are 16"'s with the proper et (can't remember exactly but I made sure before I bought them).

My car is a 91 300e.


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I have some aftermarket rims on my car too and the lugs are too short to put the original rims back on (the spare in my car is an original rim). They also used some spacers in the back, I guess for that parking brake situation. What a pain. Why on earth didn't they just use NUTS!!?
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