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New version of TeleAid

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Here's the new version of TeleAid for blondes, an option on the new SLK350
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2001 SLK320, 2001 E320 Wagon
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OT: Another Blondestar story

Great audio. It reminds me of an old story that would be a perfect Blondestar moment.

I seems a couple had recently moved from where it doesn't snow to where it does snow. The husband assured the wife that he would prepare her for what was to come. When the first snowstorm was predicted, he told her that he had put several sandbags in her trunk for traction, and she could also use them to sand the road under her wheels if she got stuck.

So it came to pass that she took off the next morning, and thirty minutes later called her husband to irately inform him that she was stuck, and his advice wasn't working. He found out where she was, and was there to rescue her in fifteen minutes. He found that she had slid partially onto the unplowed shoulder, and the right rear wheel was spinning furiously. What was odd was that there was a pile of sand under the left rear wheel.

Curious, he asked her why she had not put any sand under the right wheel. She froze him with her best "stupid men" look.

"Why would I put any sand there? That wheel is turning fine. It's the other one that won't move".
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