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New user learning about the 560SL

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I'm new to boards, and didn't know how to "create a new thread" as recommended by the administrator reply. Finally figured out to click "New Topic." Duh.
Signed up to see what I could learn about the 1987 560SL. A neighbor inherited one and is selling it. I've had an '85 300SD and a '99 E-320 4-matic. Loved the former, hated the latter. Assuming the 1987 SL is more like the former and not tricked out with computers that get in the way of driving. Unfortunately, the 560SL is automatic; wish it were manual. Both my others were automatic, and the '99 trans had to be completely replaced at 90,000 miles. Not pleasant. Dumped the car in trade for $3500 in 2007.
I'll let you know if I get it, since I'll probably have questions about maintenance.
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gold mine

Thanks Leapyfish for the goldmine of links. The last MB I had that I could do anything myself on was before this kind of info was so easy to get. I had to go to a shop to get bulletins, etc. My more recent one was so computerized I couldn't get to first base. Couldn't even change the oil. I get a closer look at the 560SL tomorrow. I bet the top squeaks...
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