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Good Morning/Afternoon/Night (depending when you get this)

I live in the UK and have just bought a 2005 CLS 500, having moved over from a 2002 Audi TT Roadster it is quite a change :)

I have a few questions which I hope you may be able to help with and i apologise profusely if I am asking common questions, I know how annoying that can be so please bear with me.

I have a few issues with the car which i could do with resolving.

1) The keyless go button on the gearknob does not work? any ideas what may be causing this - fuse, broken wire, something more onerous?

2) The drivers door keyless entry does not work (drivers door only) so I am assuming this is the common issue and requires a new handle - can anyone confirm if the handle needs coding once fitted as I am being quoted £70 for that and they aren't 100% sure it needs doing.

3) There is a bit of a whining noise from the front of the car and it appears to be cyclical, my first thought was leaking strut and the compressor compensating, but I get no warning notices and the compressor and relay were changed 2 years ago.

The car is a 55 plate and has a full Mercedes Service History and isn't due a service for another 9k.

The car cost £72k new and has £12k worth of extras fitted including:

Bi-xenons, phone prep, AMG bodykit, 19' AMG wheels and AMG exhaust trims, electric roller blind, power boot, multi contour seats, Comand/tv/dvd/sat nav, distronic cruise control, Designo dash, gearknob and steering wheel, Designo special order blue/purple paintwork, power fold mirrors, sunroof, TPMS and much more :)

The car has been fitted with a 2012 AMG single slat grille and has been lowered by computer, which makes it sit beautifully on the lowest setting.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hello Charlie

I recently acquired a cls55 amg with an 05 number plate (about 18 months ago).

The keyless go stop/start on the gear lever failed to stop the engine and then both start and stop functions packed up. My local independent MB Dealer fixed it but an electronic part had to come from Germany. I am based in west Sussex in the Uk. This was about £300 to fix.

The keyless go doorhandles are a weakness I have replaced three out four on mine as they have failed at about £138 a go.

But apart from a major service when I bought it to get it absolutely right it's bee trouble free and afabulousbcar to drive.

Hope this was of some help.


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Hi Charlie, have also had a CLS for 2 years + and am in London. Congratulations on your purchase. Have a frugal diesel but a HUGE options list from factory. Are there any error messages "Key not detected" etc that comes up on dash? Also is the whining when stationary? My airmatic compressor whines in the boot when stationary? Sorry cant be of more assistance

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hi Charlie
?? to most of your queries but the 'whining' or buzzing (intermittant) may be the brake servo system. does it come from the bonnet? in the 55 it is an electronic system. it periodically re charges or something. at least this is what MB said. it has done this for the last 4 years ive had the car with no problems and sounds like it is something it is supposed to do. mechanic did explain but as so long ago ive forgotten what the reason was. not sure if this was your issue but thougth worth a mention.
on another note re the brakes, needed to get the electronic box reset at about 100 000 (kms) as was getting a message re brakes. MB can reset the box electronically. otherwise it is a $5000 replacement.
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