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2001 SLK 320
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We just got our SLK 320...FUN! It's a 2001 from Florida in very nice condition! It has some minor things that need to be repaired one is the auto dim rear view mirror inside. I found one to replace it. It's the same mirror as a Crossfire has for WAY less money. I was told by the salesman that the right outside mirror does not dim. Is this true? The other things are the ashtray won't stay in and the wood grain is cracked in half. It could also use a pair of headlight housings and a grill. They are not accident damaged but more sun damaged. They're factory Xeon and the housings are apparently different than the halogen lights are. I'm not finding a good parts source just yet that is not the dealer. Could someone give me a lead on what is a good place to get parts for this car?

Thanks! I'm looking forward to learning more about the car. This looks like a GREAT place to get the knowledge.
Thanks for having me!


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