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Hello All
Thought I would say hello. I have always had a soft spot for the R170's and 32 in particular. One day while scanning the local for sale section I spotted a 02' SLK32 in all things RED. Having never owned a red Mercedes and this one being a 32 I could not resist. And it must have been written in the stars it was the day before our anniversary. Picked it up on our anniversary handed the keys to my wife and the rest is history. This was on the 9th. Stupid fast car in my opinion even launches harder than my 600SL. That is when you get the power down through the 245's on the rear..
This leads me to an area of concern. I do have a separating Harmonic balancer on the SLK and am on the hunt for a larger harmonic. I have been pointed in the direction of Needswings and been told to stick with the 178mm (believe that was the size) Im not in a huge rush for a replacement as the wobble is very slight and it will be in storage middle of next month. If you know of or have one for sale in 178 - 185 please let me know. Long shot I know but thought I would put it out there. Thank you!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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