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New to this forum, I need advice on purchase of a 2001 s500

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Hey guys

Its a pleasure to be among you all and I hope I will be for a long time. I am a member of forums for my porsche and my GMC Syclone and I will subscribe to this one should I go through with it and purchase this car for 10,500

I am looking at a 2001 S500 with 117K. It seems to be in excellent condition but I will be looking at it in more detail tomorrow. After having done some research on these, I have come across many many horror stories on these cars involving the suspension, brakes and misc smaller problems.

My questions are as follows:

What should I have checked out and what I can I check out when I look at this car?

Can the nav and cell phone system be updated or replaced with maintaining use of stock controls?

Is there a better place to purchase parts for this car given that I am very capable of performing all the labor on the car for any problem I come across?

Thank you so much and any further advice would be HUGELY appreciated.

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Hi Nathan,

That sounds like a fair price. MB calls the car a W220 and there is a forum devoted to those, look under the sedans section. I have a 2001 E-Class and I was able to upgrade the phone using the MB BT adapter (puck) but I still use the original NAV. Yours uses CDs but the newer ones use DVDs which I've read are better. I don't know how difficult that upgrade would be. There are a couple of forum sponsors who usually sell parts for less than the dealers. There is a sponsor section here that lists them. Please use the User CP at the top to fill in your location as it is quite helpful to know where you are.

Welcome to the forum.
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