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New to this forum, I need advice on purchase of a 2001 s500

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Hey guys

Its a pleasure to be among you all and I hope I will be for a long time. I am a member of forums for my porsche and my GMC Syclone and I will subscribe to this one should I go through with it and purchase this car for 10,500

I am looking at a 2001 S500 with 117K. It seems to be in excellent condition but I will be looking at it in more detail tomorrow. After having done some research on these, I have come across many many horror stories on these cars involving the suspension, brakes and misc smaller problems.

My questions are as follows:

What should I have checked out and what I can I check out when I look at this car?

Can the nav and cell phone system be updated or replaced with maintaining use of stock controls?

Is there a better place to purchase parts for this car given that I am very capable of performing all the labor on the car for any problem I come across?

Thank you so much and any further advice would be HUGELY appreciated.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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