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New to the MB forum.

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the MB forum, but not new to driving the ultimate car, well to me it is anyways. And by the way, for those who are looking for a rear strut for a 2000 s430 I have one for sale, it's a bilstein, 3 months young, sell for $ 225.00 + $ 110.00 core charge. Send me the old one, and I refund your $ 110.00. I pay for the shipping to you, and you pay for the shipping to me, fair enough OK. I also have a brand new set of Akabono front brake pads, $ 60.00 + shipping, and I have a master drivers door seat switch, there is a button missing which operates the bottom part of the seat, but if yours is not functional, then just remove the button, and put it on the new switch, $ 75.00 + shipping. I have a front grille, and the hood emblem, make me an offer on those and we can work something out. That's it folks. :)
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I posted it in the classified section as well. I already sold the air strut.
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