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Hello all! Well about two weeks ago I picked up my first Mercedes. It's a 1979 240d and seems to be in very good condition I picked it up from an older gentleman who has owned it for the past 23 years and gave me binders filled with receipts along with extra parts, owners manuals and a Haynes manual! Now the chassis of my 240 has almost 500k on it (this motor has 175k documented) and I have a few questions about the car.

1) I get a mild gear clunk when shifting from first to second at around half throttle, anybody have a similar problem?

2) Where can I get ahold of those fancy French euro headlights?

3) Does anybody make rocker panel covers for these cars?

4) What oil does everyone typically run?

5) Does anybody know the name of this color off the top of their head? It's a dark green almost similar to British racing green IMO.

So far no problems with the car at all, I've taken it everyday to work as well as a few trips to other towns. I'm happy with it and the gas mileage, also happy I got a rust free car in the Pacific Northwest!

Now onto photos of the car


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You will need to look on eBay for the headlights...

At 500k, the clunking could be anything....I would check the gear shifter bushings, flex disc, center support, axles, rear end.....would be better if you can say where it is coming from..

Oil weight is 15w-40 diesel rated oil...

Color is 825 deep green....lots of info on this site

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1) Clunk from where, transmission, rear, middle can you tell?

3) Not that I'm aware of.

4) Shell Rotella T6, but any quality diesel rated oil, as cj mentions, should be fine.
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