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Hi, i'm greg, i just bought a 2001 E55 AMG. So far i love it but i have quite a few questions mainly because it didn't come with the owners manual. Before the e55 i had an e36 m3 which was awsome but once you reach 206k and average 3k a month it begins to drain your funds. Anyways i'm very impressed with the e55 especially in the straights and defiently will be keeping it for a while or at least replacing it with another AMG. But...

What do the "W" and the "S" next to the shifter mean?

What does "EC", the solid arrow that points to a filter and then follows but is hollow and the rest button all do?

On the steering column there is a lever with, i guess, a torch almost and then it is crossed out, this is on the right side opposite to the cruise control. What is it?

Do the service indicators affect how the car behaves and can they be reset without going to the dealership or could they even be turned off?

And finally both my displays on either side of the main display are broken. I can see that the right one displays what gear your in when using the tiptronic but what else is there?

Thanks! BTW it's silver, two tone interior (black and white), 85k and picked it up, after taxes and fees, 18.5k.
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Many manuals are available for download on this site so do a search and you should find one.
There is a link to an online owner's manual in .pdf format posted by ohlord in the DIY Sticlys at the top of this W210 forum page.

The small stalk opposite the cruise is for Voice Recognition. It is a nice feature that enables you to talk to the car and change radio frquencies, dial phone numbers, etc. There is a separate manual for that but MBUSA told me they are out of print. I was lucky enough to find mine on eBay, and I think you will need one; VR requires you train it for your individual prompts. For now, pull the stalk toward you and say "help". If it works the car will ask you what you need help with.

Display: To the left of the larger screen you should see the outside temperature.

Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
I don't know about the location you described, but your car probably came with a Motorola "Timeport" phone. I can't check mine because I am out of town without the car but that is probably part of the phone system. BTW, I have never gotten around to setting up my VR either.
I'm fairly certain the manual for the E55 would have been the same. Thanks again Musikmann.
Mine says E320/E430/E55 on the cover but I don't know if the 4matic info is in there. You're welcome. ;)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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