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8 days into my first diesel Benz. I scored a Very Nice 84 300d with only 279K. It was garage parked for a year or so.

Install new battery and she fired right up.

Tranny was inop....checked fluid and now know what the stain under the car was from.....1 gallon low!!!

Car now shifts and I drive it home.

No power and must floor it to make car move.

Clean Banjo bolts ( completely clogged)

Now the turbo kicks in above 2k but still takes 5 seconds to get to 2K. :(

Do Purge, filters, and valve adjustment and car is still unsafe-ly slow off the line....

Troubleshoot transmission vac system and get shifting smoother.

Still turltle like...And no smoke......hmmmm

Today took the cap off the ALDA and adjusted (1 turn) to the left. Car now has a slight smoke puff when gunning it in neutral. And car smells like a diesel at idle. (getting better)

The test drive blew me away. No lag to 2k and car is now driveable at less than full throttle. The transition to turbo is now smooth and for the first time, the car feels like a luxury vehicle.

I am now looking for a 300 wagon and the minivan is up for sale. I think we are converting to the MB world.

My (squeak and leak) transmission has sealed itself up and the engine is not leaking anymore either. Thanks to all on this forum for the great info and photos.

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Welcome! Fill out your profile with your car info and your location.

Enjoy your new addiction.

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Congrats! Welcome to the forums! I'd like to see pics of your Benz also!
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