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New to forum want to learn about GTC roadster

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Thank you for allowing me to join and learn about this marque again
Thinking of adding a AMG GTC Roadster to the garage
Previously we had a CPO 2006 SL 600
Wife loved the style I agreed if a V12
Didn't drive like a sports car so it eventually became my wife's Boxster S which she loves and it does drive like a sports car even with a 4 cyl turbo
Her work car is a GLC 43
Relationship with local dealer is good but no inventory to see the car in any trim
I am still enjoying my 2015 911 Targa4S but find the AMG GT ROADSTER especially as a C trim gorgeous and the sound intoxicating.
Watched as many u tube videos that only affirm my thoughts that a CPO car I the ticket
Now the questions I wish to ask those with expertise
Overall has it been a good experience?
Purely a car for enjoyment so ease of use and driving experience is important as we will share this one
Forward visibility ?
Rear visibility with top up?
How small is the trunk ?
Can you pack soft weekend bags for two?
What to watch for ?
Value of Ceramic brakes ?
Value of Burmester upgrade ?
2018 or 2020 refresh?
What else am I missing ?

Many thanks in advance
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