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My girlfriend and I are getting ready to take in her '98 SL500 for it's 60K servicing and I'm a little leary (because I'm unfamiliar with MB) of what we're in for. Can anyone give us a good idea of what the 60k servicing entails, what we should expect to pay, and what (if anything) we shouldn't worry about.

We are taking it to SilverStar Motors in GA (where I've had my volvos worked on and the guys there are ex BMW, MB, Volvo mechanics)...I'm pretty comfortable with the quality of service, but slightly leary of pricing.

Thanks in advance for any and all responses - and now that we've found this board, I hope it's a great resource and that we may contribute in the future!

-John & Wendy

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your owners man shoud say what to do for 60k. in my

opinion, 60k can be easily done by you.
oil chg,
tranny oil chag, chk plugs, chk belt

here is whats recommended for the 300zx. the benz has a timing chain and does not need to be replaced.

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John and Wendy,

I recently purchased and 1997 SL500 w/61K miles. I had similar questions and e-mail my local Mercedes Dealer in San Francisco, CA. I have copied their response e-mail sent back to me. These prices my be a little higher than in your local area Mercedes dealership, Seems like everything is higher in California and especially in San Francisco. See Below:

Hello Mr. XXX,

The services on your vehicle are 7,500 mile apart. With the mileage that is on your vehicle currently, the last service should have been a 60,000 mile
maintenance service. You should check to see if RAB Motors performed that maintenance service prior to your purchase. Your next scheduled service would be a 67,500 mile lubrication service and following that is a 75,000 mile maintenance service. You can check at the back of the maintenance manual to see what is done at these different intervals. If the vehicle is
not driven that much, you should at least have the oil changed once a year.

A oil and filter change only, estimate is $150.00.
A 67,500 & 82,500 lubrication service estimate is $350.00
A 75,000 & 105,000 mile maintenance service estimate is $595.00
A 60,000 & 90,000 mile maintenance service estimate is $975.95.

Synthetic oil is required as of model year 1998 with flexible service system. So the answer to your question is no, your vehicle does not require
synthetic oil.

Hope this helps you.

Best regards,
Garland Steiding
Mercedes-Benz of San Francisco
Service Manager

Dir; 415-553-9916
Fax; 415-431-1398
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