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New To 124 car, profiling

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Hello, I am learning that there are several engines, and fuel injection systems, and many other differences in the W124 chasis.

I start reading a thread that looks interesting, only to find out after a bit of hard looking, that the car being discussed is nothing like mine.

Perhaps the members (who have not done so)could go into their personal profile and add what kind of car they have, so when they start or respond to a thread, we can know what they are refering to.

Thanks for saving my time.
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the main differences in the 6 cylinder models was the introduction of the twin cam, multi valve heads which happened initially in 1989 on 1990 model coupes, then on all the 1993 models when the displacement was bumped up to 3.2 liters. otherwise they were pretty much the same.

cosmetically, the big changes were implemented in 1990 models (late 89 build dates) when the lower cladding and painted bumpers were implemented. the hood and lights were changed for the 1994 models.

other than that, the cars were basically the same.
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