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New stereo fit question

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Installing a new Kenwood receiver and after getting all the wiring figured out with the Metra adapter 70-1784 harness, I went to put it in with the metal sleeve on and it didn't seem like it fit in the hole/slot?

These are the typical sleeves one gets with a new stereo that the head clips into locking it in the slot.

Do these in fact get installed with the receiver or not?
If yes, is it a matter of fudging it in or maybe filing out the hole a tad?

If by chance not, what holds the receiver in place?

I was at the point of attempting this at dark last night but the skeeters chased me inside. At first it didn't "seem" like it was gonna fit without some encouragement leading me to believe maybe it doesn't. But I haven't been able to search any threads that has the slightest mention of the actual physical receiver insertion step.

I wanna get this wrapped up then tackle my turn signal switch replacement...:givemebeer:
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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