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Hi guys I been a mercedes owner for years now and recently I have purchased a Sprinter 2001 311 cdi I been looking for one for a while. Anyway I am not sure if the van is in tip top condition as I never driven one before but I have the following issues and I know you guys could give me some advice and tell me if it is normal or not
1. The van has done 160,000 miles I been driving it and the gears are very stiff when changing not as smooth as I would expect a merc
2. I was driving the van and shifting the gears I noticed from 1-3 the gears when I hit 3000 rpm and I can feel it pull and I have to change gears as its not pulling
3.I looked at the air filter and it looks almost new but the service indicator on the air filter case is just white and the nob does not move what should it be showing and can I do anything.
4. It has been serviced up to 120,000 by mercedes but since then its been serviced privately what would you recommend as a full service for this van?
I dont know of any commercial service garages in my area (Berkshire) so i want to make sure I know what I want them to look at and change before I hand it over.

Thanks guys
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