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Dear friends:

I finally have seals for all the soft top hydraulic cylinders delivered today from Europe. The price is $30 per seal (with corresponding o-ring) + $5 shipping for all. If you only order one seal, just pay $32.50. If you want the whole set, 12 seals + 12 o-rings, the price is $350 + $5 shipping. I have a limited quantity as I can not spend $$$$$ at a time to order the seals. The manufacturer insist on the minimal order. But I will replenish stock as needed. I have pretty good contact with the guys now.

1. 1298000272 Main top drive
2. 1298000272 Main top drive
3. 1298001672 Windshield top lock
4. 1298001672 Windshield top lock
5. 1298001772 Left folding top lock
6. 1248000272 Right folding top lock
7. 1298002072 Tonneau actuator
8. 1298002072 Tonneau actuator
9. 1298002172 Aft Lock
10. 1298002172 Aft Lock
11. 1298002172 Rear Lock
12. 1298002172 Rear Lock

Please note, some cars have only one rear lock in the middle. Check your PN as sometimes there is PN 1298000072 instead of 1298002172 and requires different seal which I also have.

I will try to ship the seals the same day I get your payment.
Please, contact me by sending email to [email protected] (preffered) or by sending a PM. I apologize if I do not answer your phone call for a long time. I do completely different and crazy job in my real life and have very little time to talk on the phone. I type faster than I talk. Espesially in LaTeX and C++ :)

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Only replace the new seal is only 1 thing from a few that need to be done

The seal is for hydraulic must be special and harder than regular normal seal

Also the new set of seals is must be custom made cutting by computerize after measure the core cylinder that size change by rebuild, unlike the new core that the size is the same for eevry cylinder

and a few thing that need to rebuild, mostly by model machine not just change the seals

Othewise it will leak again soon or later

I do all of it and will work long lasting as the brand new cylinder that cost about 10 times
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