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2006 e500 Wagon 4Matic, 2014 E63 S-AMG Wagon
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So after getting an estimate from my dealer to replace front and rear rotors and pads plus sensors that amounted to roughly 5k, I started to look into options.
Wound up getting Zimmermann rotors with TRW pads in the front and Hella rear pads combinations from FCP Euro at a total cost of just over $1,400... inclusive of two new wear sensors and tax.
Did the swap myself in under 3 hours without any issues. Removing the pistons was actually easier than my other cars, since the AMG mounting bolts are not in the rear towards the motor, but easily accessible from the side. Especially with the wheel turned. Since the old rotors were stuck, of course, I torched them near the hub and they then came off right away.
From a performance perspective, subjectively, this rotor/pad combo is at least the same if not better than the original setup. Looks wise they are great, drilled and slotted (I know, I know it's a cosmetic thing only) especially with the zinc coating, which I hope will help maintaining a new look for a while.
For what it's worth, I'm very happy, especially with the savings and recommend my purchase highly.
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