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Hey guys, I have a 2005 c230k and am really interested in putting on new rims.

The XXR 001 18x7.5 Machined/Black 5-100/114.3 's
found at this link: XXR
Wheels - Style 001 Rims by XXR

Here at the wheel specs -

Wheel Size


Bolt Pattern


Required Lug Nuts

Tuner Style

I was wondering if any of you could confirm weather this would be compatible with my car, I am yet to receive the manual.

Also what tires would I need for these rims?

Thanks a bunch guys.


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2005 C240 4-Matic
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HAHAHA I am sorry I dont mean to laugh but jesus you guys are on a rampage on this poor dude... hahah Yes his taste is not like ours... But do your own thing right??

hahha the seccond wheels are better then the first ones but still they just seem like wheels someone would put on a 93 maxima or something.

Remember your car is the smallest of the benz lineup so chunky block big body wheels are not always the best look....

What color is your car too?? I am a fan of black on black or black on white but anything else looks ehh...

Again do your own thing but maybe try photoshopping them on your whip first...

Also you might wana find a more repuatable wheel maker. Baccarac Custom wheels sounds like something you would see in the back of a DUB magazine. Wheels that are that cheap (1200$ for 20's with tires even) seem like there is going to be problems lurking ahead.

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my only question is, are you a rapper? or maybe some sort of artist? if so, than this explains a lot. if not than all i got to say is........Houston we have a problem!
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