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1989 w124 260 E
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I just got this 1989 260e. What do you think of it? I want to get one piece headlights and smoked tail lights and paint the door handles and mirrors white. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to it and where I should get the parts?


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Black on Black S124 Estate and White A124 Cabriolet
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I'm doing some things to a white 92 (yours looks great with the lowers painted, thanks for sharing that!)

Problem with painting the door handles is that the rubber gasket on the door handle is black. Blacking the car out is easier than whiting it out, that gasket will protrude and be hard to keep white. RE the mirrors, the front section of the cover will be hard to keep white.

So, as of now, my plan is eliminating chrome, but not black. I am soon going to do a white paint shoot of lowers with new amg body kit. Also painting the chrome grill white, but the fins will be black. Leaves me thinking a blacked out set of Monoblocks might be a nice add, but have bought an unpainted set.
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