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New PSE stopped locking

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Its the same tired old story, it stopped opening the trunk handle yesturday & the door locks today. I simply pulled out the fuse until i can figure it out.
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I think the info is incorrect. I got a '92 500SEL.
PSE (Under the right rear seat) does Trunk handle, lumbar, AC, central locking, reverse antenna, ...
Closing Assist Pump (in boot, behing passenger seat on left, beside tank) does that: closing assist, nithing else.

exactly nubyOz. no burnt fuses.:confused:

door assist works as it should, but I heard a burbling under the boot latch near ext lock the day before the pse quit, i guessing vaccum hoses as a possible suspect.
Mine is a acting a bit strange, need to close boot always twice, first time it comes up again too much.
Will take my latch apart next few days and post pics.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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