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2005 G55k, 1999 G500, 2003 CLK 430 Conv
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This is just a post to say how significant a change there has been in the ride quality of my G after I replaced the transmission-to-transfer-case prop shaft. Having had problems with vibrations at 40km/h and 80kmh that were driving me to distraction I originally thought the problem was with the other two prop shafts, which I then rotated to try and iron out the vibrations. This didn't work and it was only after I'd received good advice, after I'd posted on here about the horizontal and lateral play in the small prop shaft, that I realised I had to dig deep into my wallet and fork out for a new one. I can wholeheartedly say it was well worth it. The drive is now silky smooth, there is no clunking when going from forward to reverse and the driving pleasure is totally enhanced.

This is a great forum!

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