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I just picked up this one owner 1991 420 SEL with 135,000 kms :D

It does need some work, front shocks, steering box, tires (Made in 2002) and the A/C is not blowing ice cold but the price was great.

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Congrats, and welcome to the wonderful, frustrating & expensive world of MB ownership!

She looks like a beaut, how about posting some interior pics? And pray tell, is that a lovely Porsche 928 I see in one of your pics? Wouldn't mind seeing pics of that =)
Holy moly..that is the cleanest and nicest '86 928 I have ever seen! Just beautiful, and props to you for keeping the interior in such great shape. How has she been on repair costs and upkeep? I was just looking at them on ebay after I commented on yours, but I'm kinda scared the repair and upkeep costs would dwarf what I pay now with my MB.
I grind mine through a 110 mile/day round trip commute in Dallas traffic, and it's rock-solid.
Holy moly! I will never complain about being stuck in traffic =)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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