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I just picked up this one owner 1991 420 SEL with 135,000 kms :D

It does need some work, front shocks, steering box, tires (Made in 2002) and the A/C is not blowing ice cold but the price was great.

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I have not detailed the interior yet so I only have the one before pic. It is amazing the amount of car you can buy for under $5k.

The 928 is a 86.5 (Has the S4 brakes)

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The 928 is not a cheap car to maintain but if you buy one that has been looked after it is not crazy either. I would guess if you do all of the work your self it would be $500-$1000 a year to maintain.

My car is in great shape but needs some work,

Timing Belt
Motor Mounts & Pan Gasket
A/C Compressor

If I did everything at my mechanic who charges $60 a hour that would be a $3k bill and that is the cash price!!!

I did buy the car cheap ($5500 Canadian) knowing it needed some work but I have put about 12k miles this year and if I did the work I would assume it would not need anything major for awhile.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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