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New owner to a '99 110 CDI - few niggles?

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Hi all

Ive just purchased today a '99 110 cdi with 84k on the clock! (Honest, its right, its been a local van all its life and not only the MOT's indicate but I can vouch for its honest low-mileage!)

Ive got a few small issues with it right now and I was hoping one or some of you could advise? Ive read the issues with these vans and knew what I could be letting myself in for before I bought it (not too much to be honest!) :)

1. The reverse gear. WHAT is up with that!! The seller showed me how, but my god, its all a bit hit and miss... is there a special way to ensure you DEFINATELY wont keep going forward? I take it neutral then far right then hard left and down is the ONLY way? Maybe the cables need checking... Perhaps its me not being heavy-handed enough?

2. Turbo seems to whoosh... like theres a dump-valve fitted... is that normal... or might the previous owner have actually fitted a dump valve?! My old HDI didnt do anything of the sort...

3. Rev counter seems to have stopped working. It occasionally goes up to 1 or just over, better when stopped, but I want to fix this. Is it a common issue? Any ideas what I can do?

4. Passanger door handle is buggerd. Wont open from outside or inside, I think I might have a go at this tomorrow by taking off the inside handle and pulling he cable from inside until it opens then off with the door card and fiddleing around. Tips anyone?

5. Injectors! Aha.. there was little service history with the van, Im sure they probably havent been done... but it drives fine and pulls well. Is it worth having a garage replace the copper washers just for the sake of it or leaving it? IS it advisable to use a diesel addative like Diesel Reddex to prevent any issues, or will this make the possible future problem worse or not help? Theres no black smoke at all... no signs of any problems...

Well, thats about all right now thats bothering me! Id really appreciate you guys helping out with some advice if you can?

Thanks in advance :)
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Hi Martin

Thanks for your very helpful reply!

Sorry, I dont think I was totally up to speed with the injector issue on the Vitos... so it appears its the copper washer which fails? Ill certainly redex my first tank-full just for peace of mind, unless anyone recommends something other than redex which might be better? I dont believe they are leaking. The hiss noise that might be the turbo did cross my mind once... but you seemed to answer that one later in your reply! Other than the steam engine noise, is there anything else to look out for on this issue? Loss of power which is signifigant? Choking?

Door cable! You were spot on! In fact, before I had read your reply on this I had spent about 1 hour this afternoon scratching my head, poking around and pulling on that cable thinking that it MUST be that! Well, I opened the other side and realised the plastic white bit HAD in fact jumped out of its holder. Im surprised it didnt come to me sooner, its just like a bicycle brake cable... and Ive done too many of them in my lifetime! Well diagnosed!

The door card, again, spot on! Well, I say this, I didnt take off the electric windows panel blank yet, so was still struggling. I THOUGHT the window winder handle was stopping everything coming off... I tried pulling and eventually gave up... does this stay on when the door card comes off??

Glad you think the turbo has a nice whistle :) Perhaps they have their own dump valves of a sort? Anyways, Ive got no leaks, no lack of power so Ill leave that one be :)

One main problem I think Ive got now is the rev-counter... Its most definately NOT a fuse. When the van's sat, whilst on, ticking over, its on 0. When you rev it to (what I think is) about 2500rpm the needle jumps a little, all the way up to 1000! Rev any more and it doesnt move more than 7mm from there :( Maybe a sticky needle? Anyone have an idea as to removal of panel/access too counter? Or any past experiences?

Last thing for tonight, I promise, you may ALL have this, perahps its normal... but my manual says the battery is under the drivers seat. Mines under the passenger's seat/s and slightly behind the fuse box! If I ever want to jump start the van... I cant! If the battery fails and I need a new one... well, god knows what I would do!!! Is this right?! Im sure it'd make more sence to have it under the drivers seat where theres soo much more access to it! The question also is... if it SHOULD be there, how the hell do I get the old one out from below the passenger's seats and from behind the fuse box to move the battery over?

Really appreciate everyone and anyone's input/help here. :)
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