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New owner to a '99 110 CDI - few niggles?

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Hi all

Ive just purchased today a '99 110 cdi with 84k on the clock! (Honest, its right, its been a local van all its life and not only the MOT's indicate but I can vouch for its honest low-mileage!)

Ive got a few small issues with it right now and I was hoping one or some of you could advise? Ive read the issues with these vans and knew what I could be letting myself in for before I bought it (not too much to be honest!) :)

1. The reverse gear. WHAT is up with that!! The seller showed me how, but my god, its all a bit hit and miss... is there a special way to ensure you DEFINATELY wont keep going forward? I take it neutral then far right then hard left and down is the ONLY way? Maybe the cables need checking... Perhaps its me not being heavy-handed enough?

2. Turbo seems to whoosh... like theres a dump-valve fitted... is that normal... or might the previous owner have actually fitted a dump valve?! My old HDI didnt do anything of the sort...

3. Rev counter seems to have stopped working. It occasionally goes up to 1 or just over, better when stopped, but I want to fix this. Is it a common issue? Any ideas what I can do?

4. Passanger door handle is buggerd. Wont open from outside or inside, I think I might have a go at this tomorrow by taking off the inside handle and pulling he cable from inside until it opens then off with the door card and fiddleing around. Tips anyone?

5. Injectors! Aha.. there was little service history with the van, Im sure they probably havent been done... but it drives fine and pulls well. Is it worth having a garage replace the copper washers just for the sake of it or leaving it? IS it advisable to use a diesel addative like Diesel Reddex to prevent any issues, or will this make the possible future problem worse or not help? Theres no black smoke at all... no signs of any problems...

Well, thats about all right now thats bothering me! Id really appreciate you guys helping out with some advice if you can?

Thanks in advance :)
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Hello Samwell

I too have only just recently brought a Vito and have had most of the same problems you have had.

Reverse gear is a bit of a pain - but to be honest once you get used to it its fine, my gears are a bit clunky so maybe a new cage is the answer.

I've had to take the door card off a couple of times to tinker with the after market electric windows, and central locking that some muppet fitted to the van, and it is very easy to do. The problem I have now is that the cable keeps popping out of the holder - especially when someone a bit heavy handed has ago - any tips anyone?

The battery in my van is also under my double passenger seat, and my manual says it should be under the drivers seat so don't worry this is obviously a normal place for it. For ages I tried to get to the battery terminals by going behind the fuse box as I swore blind that the seat didnt move. But the base of the seat does pull up, you just need to put your hand under the front of the seat and pull the seat part towards the front of the van, then put your hand down the back of the seat and lift upwards.

I havent had issues with my rev counter but my oddometer doesnt work so I've been looking for a new instrument cluster - these seem to have no end of problems and second hand seem to still be going for around the £150 mark! I'm surprised someone hasn't decided to make an after market instrument cluster for these vans.

I've not had an issue with injectors yet but my van kicks out a lot of smoke when you give it the beans. It used to smoke all of the time just after I got it and the garage put in a cleaner called 'Forte Diesel injector cleaner' this seemed to calm it down alot and now only smokes when you punch the throttle. Again any advice on this would be greatfully received.

I don't know if any of this helps, but thought I'd share my experiences.
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