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New owner to a '99 110 CDI - few niggles?

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Hi all

Ive just purchased today a '99 110 cdi with 84k on the clock! (Honest, its right, its been a local van all its life and not only the MOT's indicate but I can vouch for its honest low-mileage!)

Ive got a few small issues with it right now and I was hoping one or some of you could advise? Ive read the issues with these vans and knew what I could be letting myself in for before I bought it (not too much to be honest!) :)

1. The reverse gear. WHAT is up with that!! The seller showed me how, but my god, its all a bit hit and miss... is there a special way to ensure you DEFINATELY wont keep going forward? I take it neutral then far right then hard left and down is the ONLY way? Maybe the cables need checking... Perhaps its me not being heavy-handed enough?

2. Turbo seems to whoosh... like theres a dump-valve fitted... is that normal... or might the previous owner have actually fitted a dump valve?! My old HDI didnt do anything of the sort...

3. Rev counter seems to have stopped working. It occasionally goes up to 1 or just over, better when stopped, but I want to fix this. Is it a common issue? Any ideas what I can do?

4. Passanger door handle is buggerd. Wont open from outside or inside, I think I might have a go at this tomorrow by taking off the inside handle and pulling he cable from inside until it opens then off with the door card and fiddleing around. Tips anyone?

5. Injectors! Aha.. there was little service history with the van, Im sure they probably havent been done... but it drives fine and pulls well. Is it worth having a garage replace the copper washers just for the sake of it or leaving it? IS it advisable to use a diesel addative like Diesel Reddex to prevent any issues, or will this make the possible future problem worse or not help? Theres no black smoke at all... no signs of any problems...

Well, thats about all right now thats bothering me! Id really appreciate you guys helping out with some advice if you can?

Thanks in advance :)
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It's always worth doing a redex flush, but it ain't going to cure it if the injectors are leaking. You'll know if they have blow back because of the distinctive noise if gives out. It's almost like an old steam traction engine. The other thing you can ask is if they'll listen to the engine with a stethoscope type thing. The guys who did my injectors (HiQ, really good buch of guys and do the job for 100 quid) checked mine out this way and they checked them again six months later.

I had a problem with my passenger door handle too. Mine was the cable had come away from a plastic retainer that holds it in place when you pull the door lever. Really really easy fix, the door car is easy to get off too. Screw under the bottom of the door grab handle and one at the top, take the covering off for where the electric windows would be. Also a screw where the door lever is, should be a plastic cap to pop off. One screw where the door opens near the wing mirror and one screw at the bottom left of the door.

My Vito has always had that lovely turbo whistle when accelerating. Particularly in third. You gotta love it!!!!
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Oooopppps sorry. I didn't say about the window winder!!! I didn't know if you had electric windows or not. All you do is slide the grey bit up, away from the round knob, then the winder should just come straight off. Peice of cake!!!

If you want to take the dash out to have a look behind, it's just the two screws at the top, then pop your air vent out on the driver's side. You can do this easily with a flat head screwdriver, and push the dash from behind. Should just pop out. I'm not really too helpful with the rev counter I'm afraid. I've not really had this problem but I bet if you look on here there will be something on it.

I would guess that the manual would be a translation from German, thus indicating a right hand drive configuration? I wouldn't worry at all about having the battery in there. I keeps it going for much much longer. I just replaced the original factory one on mine, lasted ten and a half years!!! Do you have a bench seat or single seat in the front? The bench seat should pull up from the back of where you park your bum. Pulling up and towards the windscreen. If you have a single seat and find it hard to do this, you could always just whip the six torx bolts out that hold it to the base no problem! I have a second battery under my driver's seat running things for the back of the van.
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Hey Malcolm, have you had this gear selection fix done? My gears are a little bit cluncky but nothing mojor, I occasionally have problem with reverse where it doesn't select and the dog in the gear box doesn't enagage thus giving the lovely grinding noise. It sometimes also grinds when just selecting reverse.
I have thought about tackling it for a fix, I got the little plastic bit off ebay, and was going to change the gearbox oil soon as I don't think it's ever been done.
Cheers Malcolm, it is obviously better to try the cage first. Do you have a part number for it? If not, what did you ask for when you went to the dealership?

Biggs, a handy cable tie should do the trick for stopping the cable popping out. Just drill a hole big enough in the retainer to take a cable tie. There should be some on the market that do the trick. This gives you a way of removing it too.
I know!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got myself a brand new intercooler for £12 plus £8 postage, I didn't need it but I just couldn't help myself, plus I guess it doesn't hurt to put a new one on to replace my 11 year old one????

I thought I saw a few things going cheap. Strange they are selling them on ebay though, I didn't know Merc had an ebay account.
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