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New owner: smoke from vents

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Hi everyone,
I purchased my first Mercedes this morning. I bought a 1999 E-Class 270 T CDI (I'm in Germany, not sure if they have the same sort of model elsewhere). The car has 200,000 km and seemed in good shape when I purchased it. I noticed on the way home, when driving on the autobahn, at 160km/h smoke started coming through the driver's side AC vent. At lower speeds this did not occur. I pulled off to the side of the road and had my friend run the car while I looked at the engine. There was a bit of smoke coming off the rear of the engine, it looked white or gray...just a tiny amount. Since that happened, there has been a persistent smell of burned rubber coming from the car.

I'm new to Mercedes and I don't know much about cars to begin with. I'll be taking it to the shop on Monday, but I'd like an idea of what is going on so I can brace my wallet. Anyone have any idea what it could be?
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270cdi are loved in Europe, but they did not make it to America
Any smoke in engine compartment is subject to close inspection, but that smoke should not make it to the cabin.
Cabin takes fresh air from gutter under the windshield so bad hood gasket might be other issue.
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