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Hello I just bought my first MB yesterday its a 96 c280 with 107k miles on it. I was not able to get any service history on it so i am wondering what kind of things should I replace/change not knowing the history of it. I am thinking I am going to do spark plugs and coils because it has a slight misfire but what other things could I do now to prevent problems in the future, get a good running engine into a great running engine and keep if running for a long time more?

Should i consider changing the MAF I have read that they go bad often and what about other sensors in general maybe the O2 sensors? and what fluids should be changed I am thinking basically all of them but anyone with a priority. basically i want to know what kind of things can i do now to avoid problems down the road

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You can also try to spend about $10.45 on a can of this MAF cleaner (
) before buying a brand new, more expensive MAF.

Also, search this forum. I remember viewing discussions on this topic.

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First things first.

Change coolant. Use MBZ coolant or Zerex G05.

Change oil & filter.

Change tranny fluid and filter.

Change fuel filter (keeps your fuel pump happy).

Bleed brakes with new fluid.

Suck out old P/S fluid and refresh.

Change air filter and cabin if needed.

o2 sensors are $100 bucks each. Why would you just change them? A MAF is $200 bucks. Don't go changing these things without good reason. Be gentle with the MAF cleaner.

Most people don't bother with the differential. But change it with Mobil syn and forget about it.

Plugs are cheap.

Check fan belt and replace if at all worn. Check all your pulleys while belt is off.

You can start saving money for suspension parts that are now 16+ years old.

Get a little spreadsheet going on Google Docs with maintenance, repairs, mileage and dates.
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