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Hi All,

I am the somewhat new owner of a 2000 c230 K. I say somewhat because I actually bought it 4 years ago and stored it because I didn't have time to do anything with it. It had a dent in the drivers quarter panel that needed fixed. Now all finished and ready to go! (Yeah! I'm slooooooooooow sometimes )

Anyways, It has 89k miles on it. I picked it up for $2000 with the damage. What should I expect from this car repair wise? What is it's expected longevity? I know these are all guess questions but I am just looking for some feedback of other owners.

Here's some history and what I have been able to piece together (sorry for the long post):

For reference, one of my many hobbies is rebuilding wrecked cars. I was trolling a local salvage yard near Pittsburgh and spotted this car. At first glance it looked clean and had only 2 points of damage. The drivers front wheel was out of location (Pushed back about 30mm) and the the drivers rear quarter had a dent. I usually don't buy cars with this high of mileage but the damage looked small and I always wanted an MB !

When I got the car home and on a rack (Yeah, I have a Blackhawk frame machine with a rack attached so I'm not just a backyard hack... At least I don't think so ) I was absolutely shocked at what I found under the car... (No. Wasn't a million bucks. LOL). I have seen "clean" cars before but this thing was unreal. This was not just a carriage wash car. Those of you that have turned a wrench before can understand that no matter how much water you spray under a car in the North East (USA) there is absolutely no way you can remove the road dirt from the hidden places. You could eat off of the bottom of this car. Seriously, there was only a slight coating of dust even in the hidden places (Probably most from storage). This car has never seen snow and probably never saw rain either.

I checked all the fluids and everything was absolutely clean and fresh. Not from the yard I bought it from. The thing I like about that yard is they just bag'em and tag'em so you see exactly what you are getting plus, I know the owner and he said they got it in a bulk buy. Just threw it on the lot and no one wanted it. Sat there for almost 1 year (=low price).

So, what I can tell is someone hit something hard with the front wheel and the car spun around into something with the back quarter. The front A-arm mounts broke on the drivers side and moved the wheel back. I measured the frame points with a laser and everything was within 2mm so no frame damage (Must be built to be a tank in it's off days. LOL).

So after that long Diatribe please give me your thoughts. I already replaced tires, all brake equipment and all steering components (Just in case. My wifey will be driving this one.). I changed all the fluids (Yes, synthetics only). I don't know anything about MB. Been driving 2004 Jag S-Type myself. Hoping MB holds up better than that in the repair department. LOL

Thanks in advance!
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