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new mounts

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hey guys i have recently replaced the engine mounts on my car, i used genuine lemfoerder mounts, i was hoping this would sto the vibrating at idle... i replaced them and i still have a vibrating..

I want to replace my transmission mount as well as my strut mounts, those are cracking really badly, ii have found both of those parts in meyle, but ive heard a lot of bad things about meyle, anybody know the part numbers to the lemfoerder parts? is meyle okay? what do you guys recommend?
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@sbaert I would prefer OE mercedes over any aftermarket parts, I just can't seem to find the part number for the OE parts, if possible I really like lemfoerder and if they make these parts I would prefer them, but I just don't know the part numbers for them
@gripen the engine does not run very smooth actually, it probably has something to do with the osculating idle, but I've tried to get help with that on another thread, just need to find the time to change the engine temp sensor...
awesome, thanks guys, i got everything i needed!! i was able to find all the mounts i needed!!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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