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new mounts

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hey guys i have recently replaced the engine mounts on my car, i used genuine lemfoerder mounts, i was hoping this would sto the vibrating at idle... i replaced them and i still have a vibrating..

I want to replace my transmission mount as well as my strut mounts, those are cracking really badly, ii have found both of those parts in meyle, but ive heard a lot of bad things about meyle, anybody know the part numbers to the lemfoerder parts? is meyle okay? what do you guys recommend?
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Ideally, go OE MB. But if you insist on going aftermarket

then use Corteco / Phoenix for the trans mount and I'm gonna make a exception to my rule here Meyle HD for the strut mount. Make sure it is the HD version though, nothing else.

I tested the HD version vs. a OE MB piece (one of each installed in the same car) and the HD part seems to hold up OK.

I will say again, my preferred pick is OE MB though.
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On a 89 300CE, the p/n#s are as follows

1242400618 (trans mount)

1243201444 (strut mount)
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