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new motor mounts but new problem

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Well finally changed my motor mounts (20 minutes a side) and wow i cant believe how much better it runs. Old ones came out in 5 pieces. While under there discovered whole front end is shot from balljoints to tie rod ends is all mangled. So thats my next project. Now to the new problem: changed oil and added what the book says and still didn't show up on dipstick so i put more in, ended up putting 10 quarts and still didnt show up but warning light came on and said oil level hi so i drained it back out and just added what book calls for. Took it to mercedes and had them change it, they had same problem and oil light still comes on. Also when they washed my car they didn't turn radio off and ripped antenna out. Yaaaaaayyyy
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Yeesh. Quite a tale. :(

Are you sure you have the correct dipstick? Assuming you aren't the original owner, it's possible the original was lost and a mismatch was found simply to fill the hole.

FWIW, both of the vehicles in your profile have the M113 engine and share many things, including the oil capacity, 8 liters, or about 8.5 USQ.

So far as the oil level light coming on, I would clean the sensor connection and see if that helps. If not you'll have to replace the sensor...add that to the list, eh? ;)

Good luck!
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