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New ML owner, need advice on diesel type

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Hi everybody,

I'm in the UK and recentely purchased a ML 270 CDI low milage 29K and since this is a modern vehicle with a modern diesel engine I was wondering what type of diesel can/should I use?

BP, shell and the likes now have 2 types of diesel, the regular and the new ultimate/v-power, does any one know if this new fuel is suitable for the CDI engine without causing long term problems or deposits inside the engine?

Similarly, can the diesel engine run on GPL (gas) is I get it converted?

Thanks alot.
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I always use BP but they have 2 variations of diesel (just like Shell) one is the old standard diesel (black handle) and the new Ultimate Diesel (blue handle), shell also have a new V-Power diesel and a regular one.

Since these new diesels have higher octane levels (better combustion and more kick), I wonder if they changed some of the usual diesel properties that used to lubricate the system and if that could damage the engine, injectors, seals and other things.

Yeah, mine is a 270 and it has turbo, I wanted the 320 CDI (love diesels) but could not find one. I am very happy with my 270 and it has all the power I need and some more for when you dont need it but feel like using it.
Diesel anyone?

I'll be filling up the tank in 7 hours and it would be nice to use the best diesel for the ML.

Surprised with the lack of comments, surely when you go to the pump you are presented with 2 types of diesel right?
Yeah, I filled up with BPs ultimate diesel (low sulfur, more octanes) hopefully the 270CDI engine and the whole admission system will not complain.

1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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