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New memeber saying hello.

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Hey guys, I am not sure if this is where I post an introduction but I just picked up a W126 so I figured as good as place as any to say hello. In Canada braving the weather, deciding whether or not I want to drive the car in the winter. Its a 1986 560SEL, in amazing condition, no rust to be found, I look forward to talking to guys a lot more as I learn about the car! Car photos included.

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Welcome to the forum, and compliments on the rare OZ rims.
Welcome to the forum, and compliments on the rare OZ rims.
Euro head lights will provide superior lighting, but the lights on your car are still very popular in Germany and down under. AMG liked to use them on modified W126.

Didn't see your reply. Some tires have a protruding rubber edge around the outer / curb side surface.
Greg's aka kodiakj2 SEC comes to mind.
It might be a worthwhile investment.

P.S. the 'new members please read....' welcome announcement on top of the W126 page has many helpful links, incl how to search the wealth of information in the forum archive.
Or could the present lights be a indication of AMG mods?
A pic of the engine headers?
I was under it today, it could be the springs, the ride height arm hasn't been touched. But I never actually looked, I will be under tomorrow again and I will check. If they have been replaced H and R springs are the ones to go with or should I be looking to swap something else in? I am comfortable with the height as it sits, any lower and I'll wipe the front lip off any higher and I might feel like truck.
H & R springs would be a good thing, they still leave a fairly comfortable ride.
Back story of the car is missing some details but I can fill you in on what I know, car has 270+Km on it, but the car was only ever summer driven. Very well taken car of and washed almost daily by the elderly man that owned it. No maintenance records but compressions sold under body is in great shape and I opened it up and the timing chain is almost new. Sold it to some kid that thought it was cool, I was selling my car and he asked if I would be interested in trading, I was once told "One thing everyone should do is own a Mercedes at least once" So I looked at realizing what it was, the shape it was in decided I had to have it, I have like the w126's for a long time but being in Canada cars of this age normally have rusted out fenders. This one doesn't have any.
And I am still attached to the rims, I think the make it look aggressive for the long door it is, but if I ever find something else that works I'll remember that.
Feeling the edge along the wheel wells will tell whether the fenders have been rolled (another good thing).

P.S. Valve covers should be installed with copper crush washers to prevent oil seepage from the bolt holes, and valve cover gaskets often leak from over tightening.
I'll grab a photo of the headers tomorrow, but I know the car has had work done to it (Slotted and Drilled rotors on the front and back, the front and rear euro bumpers, permanent air filter AMG Muffler, could be the whole exhaust system I didn't really check)
The plaque on the cross member shows what kind of factory engine the car came with.
From North America versions with 240 or so hp to a higher compression 300 hp engine with special headers.
Exhaust system had 3 versions, NA cars had log type headers with cross over pipe from passenger headers around back of engine to drivers side headers joining into a single down pipe.
Second are log type headers with down pipes on both sides coming together under the car.
The high performance 560 came with TRY-Y headers going into 2 down pipes on each side.
'TRY-Y headers' forum search to see pics.
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