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New memeber saying hello.

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Hey guys, I am not sure if this is where I post an introduction but I just picked up a W126 so I figured as good as place as any to say hello. In Canada braving the weather, deciding whether or not I want to drive the car in the winter. Its a 1986 560SEL, in amazing condition, no rust to be found, I look forward to talking to guys a lot more as I learn about the car! Car photos included.

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dayyyyymmmmm...whats the back story with this one

you need to grab some euro lights ofcourse ...

you should change the rims, they dont suit the car, ill take them off your shoulders
looks like the car has been lowered....see if they used H and R springs, and upgraded the shocks?
Your wheels are very rare, I have the same ones. And if you do sell them to vdubpower, get more than all the money for them as he is an LA medical Dr. and can afford it.

Welcome to the forum. If you need the manuals, PM me your email and I'll send you them.

Beautiful car, you do need Euro headlights though, IMO.

hahaha......$$$ grows on trees in the medical field....right......quarter mill in debt...oh and thank u upcoming obamacare
So first thing I guess I will be doing to it is the Euro headlights haha. Can I ask the rough asking price of these rims, I haven't really seen a solid number so far looking through the forums. Alydon had a set "Show ready" for 2600+Shipping. Another member had a set with cracks in the barrel for 1600. All mine need is a polish really. No cracks, curb rash, scratches nothing.
Thank you for the offer of the manuals! If I ever run into trouble I know I don't have to search the depths of google to find an answer
seriously tho, keep your wheels....they are the greatest mercs wheels out there...your car stance looks perfect already....

if your wheels are uncoated aluminum lips, enjoy the hard work to get them to a lusterish shine.....well worth it tho...

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1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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